Tuesday, July 9, 2013


As I said before, this book YOUNGER NEXT YEAR is a very interesting read. Most of us have bought into the belief that once one turns 60 they are on a slippery slope to the end but these guys are saying NOT. Through changing your lifestyle and exercising 6 days out of each week you can produce a life that has a gently tipped plateau of good health that lasts well into the eighties. This is in place of the slippery slope of bad health. You could even produce an upward slope of much improved health and fitness until when you reach your eighties. Yes it can happen, just a matter of getting up off your couch now and doing the exercising and engaging life as it is meant to be engaged.

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Cheers, be happy

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Aging and Decaying

The book I mentioned in the last post, YOUNGER NEXT YEAR, is indeed an interesting read. It tells me that aging is not what we say it is. The stuff that happens to generally a lot of us, diabetes, cancers, high blood pressure, strokes, osteoarthritis and etc., as we emerge into the 50’s and 60’s is as a result of decay of our bodies not aging. Aging is the graying of our hairs, the slowing down of our maximum heart rates, and the price cut of movie tickets, these we cannot do anything about. They will happen but the other stuff is as a result of decay of our bodies and we can absolutely do something about it.

What brings about decay of our bodies, according to these authors, is “our modern, sedentary lifestyle. Decay comes from turning on the t.v. when the sun is out. From cracking open that beer while you are watching the t.v., from every drive to a fast-food place to get a super-size order of fries and a soft drink full of sugar and caffeine…from sitting home alone. It comes from giving up on life and failing to engage.” (page 40) But as they say we can do something about it. “ The keys to to overriding decay are daily exercise, emotional commitment, reasonable nutrition and real engagement with living. But it starts with exercise”. (page 34)

So I ask you to get up and start walking, start eating right, meet people, find a cause you can be passionate about…quit decaying on your couch day after day. You were given reasons for living on this wonderful earth, find them and bless people with them.

Here are some exercises you can do in your home but be careful if you have not done exercises for a while. You might want to work with your doctor first to make sure nothing goes wrong. The exercises shown will certainly increase your heart rate and blood flow, it will make you feel good and make you sleep good tonite. The exercises are on youtube, to access just click on the link.