Thursday, July 18, 2013

Emotional and Spiritual fitness


As part of staying healthy one of the things one needs to do is be aware of their spiritual and emotional state. If this part of you is in some sort of a depressive state it will affect the whole you. You are not going to be motivated to do the physical exercises you need to do to maintain your physical well-being.

One of the things that I often do to make sure my emotional and spiritual state remains well is finding a place where there is a lot of green space and just sit and relax in the midst of it. In these spaces you can actually hear the silence, pretty soon you can hear the relaxing sounds of nature. These sounds, including the silence, have a way of quieting your spirit bringing a sense of peace to you. As you do this, you soon realize that you are not the centre of the universe but that there is something more powerful out there that is in control. Realizing this, gives you comfort and surprisingly, strength to get back up and re-enter your busy world to do what needs to be done to lend a hand to your fellow inhabitants with whom we share this space we call the world.

Right here in the middle of the city of Thunder Bay there are a number of these spaces one can go to and get these amazing experiences. I am sure throughout the world in most other cities, even in the most populated ones, there are such spaces to be found. The following are a couple pictures of places that I go to.


I encourage you to sit and relax in some similar space and rejuvenate your soul and spirit my friend.