Monday, July 29, 2013

70% Chance of Living a Long Healthy Life

Its a very nice morning here in Thunder Bay, very warm and balmy. This was after 3 days of shockingly cold weather. We all thought someone had sinned and needed to be thrown into the Lake Superior to appease the Gods :-).  Seriously, we did think we were going to transition right into winter after a very short summer.

Continuing on with thoughts from the book, Younger Next Year, if you remember from the previous posts I'd said that the authors claimed that you could live a long and healthy life well into your 80's and maybe even your 90's if you followed what they were suggesting. Your rate of morbidity would not be long and drawn out. In essence, you would not be plagued with the many lifestyle diseases and illnesses that seem to abound today. They are saying that having this long and healthy life improves by 70% when you do what is laid out in the book. So don't believe that "this pill" or that "medical treatment" will be the magic that cures all your ills as you go into your 50's and 60's. Get up off your couch and start walking and doing activities that will give you this 70% chance at a good healthy life. Also go out and meet people, engage in activities that benefit others around you. The euphoric high you get from doing this will just make you want to stay on this earth and enjoy it a bit longer.

Having said all the above, there are things in the environment that would assault your body to bring on sickness and death i.e. pollution and etc. But if you keep your body in good physical shape and its immune system in good working order, it should be able to withstand these assaults and repel the free radicals that would harm you. So lace up your runners and go for a run. But be attentive and don't let the bus run over you. The 70% chance would not work in this case.

Have a happy day :-)