Saturday, August 24, 2013


As you read these posts I would appreciate some of your thoughts that I may have influenced to come to the fore of your minds. If you have similar blogs or writings, maybe you can guest write on my blog. Im sure it would be appreciated. I know I would be glad to learn from you. Thank you.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yesterday's Walk

Yesterday I walked 20.3 kms in 1 hour and 32 minutes. I hadn't planned on doing that, I was just going to put in 5 kms but I just kept on walking. I was enjoying being out on the bush road and seeing all that was there.

Anyway, it didn't hurt so much after, not like it did the first time I did that. My ankles had hurt so bad back then but the trainer told me that it was because I was walking with my feet pointing outward rather than point straight. By walking with my feet pointing outward I was putting a lot of stress on my ankles he said. The other thing he told me was that in order to walk the long distance my core and my back strength have to be good. So I have been working on those and lo and behold yesterday's walk proved out what he was saying. My back didn't bother me after the walk.

Jason, the trainer
 These are some of the pictures of the place I go to exercise at, Synergee Fitness

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Walking

I walk most days for 6 or 7 kms as part of my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. At least once a week I go for 17 to 20 kms. I had some analyze the way I walked and they told me that I have to straighten out my feet as they were pointing outwards when I walked. He said that this is why my ankles hurt after awhile because a lot of my weight is being put on them. So thats what I started doing and lo and behold my feet don't get achy so much any more after my walks.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Ontario Expenditure on Health Care

It is said that for every dollar of the Ontario Government's budget 46 cents is made up of health care spending. That is a lot of money. Of this amount of expenditure 44% of it is on caring for the elderly who are sick and unhealthy, and it is known this population figure is increasing as each year passes. I guess this translates into a lot of acute care and long term care programming and related facilities. Can you imagine if public policy shifted and more expenditure was made in area of prevention and maintenance of individual healthy lifestyles. I bet there wouldn't be so much need for acute care hospital facilities and the percentage of unhealthy elderly people wouldn't be so high as it is now. I'm not sure what the public policy picture would look like to enable this but maybe private companies and public workplaces could be subsidized to provide education to their workers on healthy habits and nutrition, having exercise as part of the work day, maybe even having young people required to have military training for a period of time, but lots could be done to try radical public policy to encourage good health high up into the old ages.

This is just late night wonderings...