Thursday, August 29, 2013

Core and Leg Work

I have been working with Andre at Synergee Fitness to strengthen my legs for my half marathon walk which is slated for September 22, 2013 here in Thunder Bay. I apologize to Andre for naming him Jason in my earlier post. Anyway he put me through a brutal workout this morning. I was just sweating buckets as he had pulling a sled of weights back and forth. My legs are just tired now. I figure by the time I get to the walk it will be an easy thing to do, a lot easier than the workouts Andre is having me do anyway.

I noticed a lot is happening across this world. Especially more so in the middle east at the moment. There is talk of armed conflict in the scale of violence that we have never seen to date. Sometimes I wonder if what we hear constitutes the total sum of the story. It would be interesting to hear an analysis from a different perspective other than what ABC, CNN, or ABC News provides us on this side of the world. In any event I will pray for the safety of the nation of Israel for that is what my Bible tells me to do. I will also pray for the Arab nations that they may get justice for the unjust actions that may have been taken against them by the Western Nations, particularly by the big resource development corporations that come from the Western Nations. I pray that they will get this justice without any resort to violence.

Be as it may be, for the day, for the moment, there is no war yet. I will keep my mind calm and at peace in the midst of this turmoil, my health and well-being depends on me doing this.