Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6, 2013 A Wonderful Day

Thank you God for your wonderful mercies which were new this morning as they are every morning.

The other day when I was exercising I pulled my hamstring on my left leg. That is a painful experience I tell you, needless to say I laid off doing anything for two days to rest and let my leg heal. Today I went back at it again and I seem to be ok now. Two more weeks and the half-marathon I will be walking will take place. I am sort of looking forward to the challenge.

The other thing I did today was visit a local pharmacy to do an A1C test. Thats the test that measures your blood sugar levels over a certain number of months. He happily said it was still at a good number 5.5 which is well below the normal of 6 to 7. He said that in adopting a new lifestyle of exercising and good nutrition I have basically reversed my diabetes. I am no longer diabetic. Which is what I had heard from my doctor a few months back but its good to know that I have maintained that good health status.

In the course of our discussion, the pharmacist asked if I was taking over the counter meds. One of the thinks I told I was taking was green coffee bean extract because the ads for it said it helped in managing blood sugar levels. He didn't dispute this but he said it may contribute to sleep difficulties and overly active need to urinate. I did tell him that I had noticed these happening to me so with that those will no longer be in my cocktail of supplements I take.

Anyway, you all have a wonderful day...or night which ever the case may be. Remember to set a determination to change your health status first by getting to know yourself and walking at least 20 minutes a day as a start.