Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hot Yoga

Today I discovered hot yoga and Im liking it a lot, so much so that I will make it a regular part of my life. I came out of a one hour session feeling all pliable and flexible, not like the stiff board that I was when I went in. The lady who led us in that session was very good at what she does. As we did the various moves she also talked to us on breathing well and going within ourselves so that we could clear our minds of all unnecessary thoughts and images that had got stuck there over the day. The quiet soothing way she talked to us calmed my spirit to a steady hum it seemed. It was just great.

The heat in the room was very hot as we did the session, something like 35 celsius with lots of humidity. This is what probably made my stiff muscles to become soft and pliable. The backache I had just sort of disappeared. The experience of being in that very hot room doing those yoga moves reminded me so much of being in a sweat lodge. Both have a calming effect and loosens stiff muscles. But I still think being in a sweat lodge is so much hotter, at least from my experience (this is just being in a sweat lodge one time years ago with the late Josias Fiddler).

Anyway it was a super experience being in that hot yoga session this evening. You guys all have to try it out and confirm my positive experience. Email me at if you have had this experience before and what your thoughts are or if you actually go out after my report and try it out, tell us about your experience.

To good health and well-being, have a good day or evening whatever the case may be...cheers.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Flu Season

I guess that time of the year in the northern parts of North America the flu season has arrived. I have been very sick with one since Monday. Being house bound as a result of it has been sort of hard because I miss the exercising and walks that I usually take. Not good at all. Anyway, I think I will go out and start walking again tomorrow. I had hoped to enter in the Run for the Cure event that is to be held here in Thunder Bay but I guess I won't be there. Run for the Cure is an event sponsored by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce here Canada. It basically is a fund raising effort targeted for cancer research, in particular breast cancer.

You all have a good day now...