Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yesterday’s Post on Chef Mullen

Just a clarification on yesterday’s post.

The way I wrote the post, I did not mean to discount the value of exercising i.e. walking and jogging. Doing these activities are surely valuable to strengthening your cardiovascular system and building your muscular strength and so on. I just wanted to clarify that in and of themselves they are not going to lead to effective weight loss most people would like to achieve. But if you combine it with a nutritional plan designed to provide a balanced approach with good eating habits and healthy caloric intake that sees you burning more calories than you take in, it will inexorably lead to weight loss you will be happy with.

Anyway, as I suggested in the earlier post, please take time to educate yourself about nutrition through reading good books on the subject matter.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chef and Restauranteur Seamus Mullen

“Never accept your situation - thats my big take away,” Mullen says. “I got it in my head for so long that sickness was just the hand I’d been dealt with in life. It’s amazing to realize the power was inside me all the time.” (Men’s Journal April 2014 vol. 23, no. 4 page 42)

This is a fellow who came to the conclusion that the way to heal from sickness was through the way you and what you eat. The article went about demonstrating how he did this. Very encouraging to read about a case study that reinforces what I have come to believe about my own personal situation and the health situation of those people around me.

I encourage you to start a concerted study and reading about nutrition and what it can actually do for the status of your health and well-being. Trying to lose weight just by going for a walk or jog is not going to do it in a sustainable way. You have to really examine the way you think about food and how you eat and what you eat is what will make the break through in your ability to gain good health and lose of weight. In other words you have to come to some admittance that you have a problem with eating (how you eat and what you eat) that is causing you to gain unhealthy weight and causing you to contract systemic inflammation that gives rise to cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and etc.

So get underway with a journey that will open up new worlds of opportunity to live life and love it to the full extent you are meant to.


I’m enclosing pictures of a beautiful country I recently visited.

These are Pictures of the Philippines where I went for the month of March 2014. I really fell in love with this country and its people. My heart remains there...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tuesday April 14, 2014

I think I have finally been able to get adjusted to the time zone back here. It took over a week to do that. It was sort of getting tiring being up all night and getting drowsy and sleepy at 4 or 5 am and then sleeping all morning and getting up in the afternoon. Jet lag they call this state.

Anyway time zone wise I am fully back here but my heart remains back in the Philippines. I, most likely, will end up back there soon I think. I just miss the beautiful country side and the mountains and hills where I stayed for most of my time there. I  miss, most of all, the people I met there. Even though their life is very basic and straightforward, they are happy where they are and with what they have. They are ever so grateful when things come there way, they do not take these for granted at all.

As a pursuer of health and well-being I have to say that my spirit came to rest for the time I was there. I never fully realized just how much I never really rested on this side of the earth. I know now that what much of takes up our time and energy here is so contrived and so made up. All these could just fall away and we would still be alive, and in all likelihood, enjoy life more as we should, very much like the people I met on the other side of the world.

Unlike what I have observed over the years here is a total disconnect with concern for our spiritual health. There, it seemed it was a matter of fact thing, it was just something that was part of everyday life. If you saw Manny Pacquiao after his fight with Bradley a few days ago he was in his corner praying. I don’t believe he was praying for a win but he was just giving thanks to his God for the opportunity to have had what he experienced. This is the kind of spiritual connectedness the people have over there, a daily thing, a way of life and thinking...and not afraid to express it publicly. Here we have grown to wise and smart for our own good I think. If we are to be healthy and well, we need to be so in all aspects of it, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Anyway you all have a good day and don’t forget to read a good book on health and nutrition over the next few days....even think about picking up a book on spirituality to read why don’y you ;-)