Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Eating to Lose Weight

It has been a long cold winter up in these parts on northern Canada. It is sort of getting weary, is what I would say. People are just losing their joy, you can see it in how they walk, slow and sluggish at times. But spring will be here soon enough and all of it will be so out of mind then. It is sort of like giving birth, the woman just totally forgets the excruciating pain of the process when she first holds the little human being that came out of her body. Not that I would know exactly how it all feels but I’ve been lucky to witness a few times the magic and the miracle when it takes place.

The horrible weather aside, I have continued to faithfully do my workouts even in the dead of this winter. It keeps me feeling good and keeps the dreadful winter blues at bay. I think I will enjoy exercising more when it gets warm and I can go outside to so.

I keep saying that it is so important to know that if one of your goals for exercising is to lose weight than you have to know that just exercising is not going to the trick. In my readings on the subject, I came across a couple of sentences that basically said that to lose weight you have to start in the kitchen and knowing your way around it. Essentially this reading was saying you have to change your eating habits and what you eat.

Often times though we have eaten a certain way and eaten certain foods for so long we really don’t know what to think when someone tells us we have to eat differently to lose weight. We begin to think that we have to punish ourselves and eat bland, tasteless food for the rest of our lives. We think like that and we automatically defeat ourselves even before we begin a weight loss journey of some sort.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If we take a fearless examination of  how we eat, we will come to the conclusion we just gorge ourselves far to often. We eat way, way more than we need to. This is what has contributed to our weight gain. To turn this around we simply begin to cut in half how much we eat. If you eat 2 platefuls of food each time you sit to eat, start to eat only one plateful of food.

You really don’t need eat as much food as you may eating at this moment. Trust me on this. You will not starve to death. Your body may react to the change but thats normal as it adjusts to the new you. You may feel weak and hungry but these will go away as your body adjusts to the new pattern and amount of food it takes in. Lo and behold within a couple of weeks you will lose 15, maybe even 20 pounds. Realizing your efforts are making a difference, you feel so pumped and ready to continue on your journey.

As you move along on your weight loss journey teach and educate yourself about nutrition and make the changes that are suggested by your research and by the things you learn from people you talk to on the subject matter. By the way, surround yourself with people who are on the same journey, they provide encouragement to you as you will to them.

I was reading a book recently on nutrition and ways of cooking food that fills you but helps you to lose weight at the same time you are eating. Look it up by clicking on the link and if you are inclined to buy it, please do so. Be advised that if you do I will be paid a small fee by the vendor. It has good information about cooking food in such a way as to taste good and yet not put too much pounds on your frame. It also gives you a workout program you can use to maintain your weight loss.

So good journeys to you my friend.

Monday, February 23, 2015


I am back now.

I am going to start posting again on this site.